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Fuaime Ceachteanna 67-68

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why did you come?
when did you come?
how (what way) are you?
where (what place) are you?
who (what name) is he?
how much is it?
which piece of cake would you prefer?
which one shall we have tomorrow?
why is he so late?
what (thing) have we got here?
who (what person) came in a couple of minutes ago?
what time shall we have the dinner?
what (thing) do you want?
What day is it today, at all?
Today is Wednesday. Why?
I would like to go to town some day
What (thing) do you want now?
have you done them?
I have done them
I must buy clothes
Can't you go (there) today?
I'll wait until Saturday, I think
have you lost them?
have you found them?
have you broken them?
have you finished them?
have you written them?
have you said them?
I've said it now!
I shall have them finished later on
he hasn't done the work yet
what (thing) have you lost?
look what he has written
has meat been got for the dinner?
next time
Look what I got (passive), Nóra
A big fish! Where did you get it?
I caught it in the river, of course
Good. We'll have it for dinner tomorrow
What kind of fish is it, daddy?
It's a trout. Isn't it fine and big
I'd like to go fishing with you next time, daddy