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won't you be here for a minute?
won't you be here for a while?
won't you be here for a week?
won't you be here for a fortnight?
won't you be here for a month?
won't you be here for a year?
I shall be here for a while now
I shall not be back at work for a week
won't they be staying here for a month?
no one will be there for a fortnight
he won't have it finished for a while
what price is written on it?
Isn't dinner ready yet, mammy?
It won't be ready for another while
Why, mammy?
The fish isn't cooked yet. We must wait for daddy, anyway (in any case).
He (e) won't be coming home for a while
Go out and see if he's coming
Have patience! He'll be coming bye and bye
they didn't begin getting up yet
they didn't begin growing yet
they didn't begin coming yet
they didn't begin going yet
they didn't begin eating yet
they didn't begin dancing yet
didn't the men begin to work yet?
he didn't continue talking then
Tomás continued eating his breakfast
he continued drinking
you (plural) didn't continue working for long
didn't you go playing with them?
Where's daddy, does anyone know?
He began work outside there after dinner
Where, do you think?
In the field behind the house, I think
He was cutting grass there a while ago
I don't see him back there in the field now
I suppose (it is probable) he has finished that work now
Perhaps he's in the garden (Perhaps it's in the garden that he is)