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Ceacht Seasca a Dó - Cén X a Bhí Ann

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cén N a bhí ann?
what N was it (was there)?
an Satharn
(the) Saturday
sagart paróiste
a parish priest
a guard / police
a sergeant
cén t-am den lá a bhí ann? A trí a chlog
what time of the day was it? three o'clock
cén lá a bhí ann? An Satharn
what day was it? Saturday
cén duine a bhí ann? Seán
what person was it? Seán
cén rud a bhí ann? An madra
what (thing) was it? the dog
cén sagart a bhí ann? An sagart paróiste
what priest was it? the parish priest
cén garda a bhí ann? An sáirsint
what guard was it? the sergeant
cén duine a d'imigh amach ansin?
who (what person) went off out then?
cén lá a chuir tú ann iad?
what day did you put them there?
cén uair a chonaic tú iad?
what time did you see them?
cén rud a dúirt tú?
What (thing) did you say?
cén cluiche ba mhaith leat a imirt?
what game would you like to play?
cén duine atá tinn?
what person (who) is ill?
to him (towards him)
around / about
a name
i gcónaí
tráthnóna inniu
this evening
cibé ainm atá air
whatever his name is
Ar chuala tú cén chaoi a bhfuil Séamas inniu?
Did you hear how Séamas is today?
Níor chuala, ach chonaic mé an dochtúir ag dul siar chuige
No (I didn't hear), but I saw the doctor going over to him
Cén uair a chuaigh sé siar?
What time did he go over?
Tráthnóna inniu. Timpeall a trí a chlog, is dócha
This evening. About three o'clock, I suppose
Cén dochtúir a bhí ann?
Which doctor was it?
An dochtúir nua sin, cibé ainm atá air
That new doctor, whatever his name is
Is ea, eisean a théann i gcónaí anois chuige
Yes (c), he (e) always goes to him now