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Ceacht Seasca a Trí - Céard

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céard é?
what is it?
céard é sin?
what is that?
céard a rinne tú?
what did you do?
céard a tharla?
what happened
céard a dúirt tú?
what did you say?
céard a chonaic tú?
what did you see?
céard a chuala tú?
what did you hear?
céard a d'ith tú?
what did you eat?
céard a d'ól tú?
what did you drink?
céard a tharla duit?
what happened to you?
céard a dúirt an máistir leat?
what did the master say to you?
céard a chuir tú isteach ansin?
what did you put in there?
céard a fuair tú ón siopa?
what did you get from the shop?
céard a thug an duine sin duit?
what did that person give you?
céard a chaith tú amach an t-am sin?
what did you throw out that time?
from me
on you
peann luaidhe
a pencil
with it / him
thóg N
N took
Céard atá ort anois, a Sheáin?
What's wrong with you now, Seán?
Thóg Máire mo pheann luaidhe uaim
Máire took my pencil from me
An bhfuil a pheann luaidhe agat, a Mháire?
Have you his pencil, Máire?
Níor thóg mé uaidh é. Thug sé dom é
I didn't take it from him. He gave it to me
Céard a rinne tú leis, más ea?
What did you do with it, so (c)?
D'fhág mé ar an mbord é
I left it on the table
Faigh anois é agus ná bígí ag troid
Get it now and don't be fighting