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Fuaime Ceachteanna 61-62

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don't be bold now
don't be long now
don't be fighting now
don't be bold now (pl)
don't be long now (pl)
don't be fighting now (pl)
be quiet now, children
be good now, Seán
don't be talking during the meal
be back early now (pl)
be off with you now (pl)
be here at two o'clock (pl)
Would you like to play a game of cards, children?
Yes (we would like), certainly. You (e) get the cards, Seán
what time of the day was it? three o'clock
Get them yourself
what day was it? Saturday
Don't say you're fighting! Be good now (pl)
I don't know where they are. I didn't see them for a while
what person was it? Seán
I suppose I saw them up here. Here they are.
what (thing) was it? the dog
Did you get them? Good (you). Deal them, so.
what priest was it? the parish priest
what guard was it? the sergeant
who (what person) went off out then?
what day did you put them there?
what time did you see them?
What (thing) did you say?
what game would you like to play?
what person (who) is ill?
whatever his name is
Did you hear how Séamas is today?
No (I didn't hear), but I saw the doctor going over to him
What time did he go over?
This evening. About three o'clock, I suppose
Which doctor was it?
That new doctor, whatever his name is
Yes (c), he (e) always goes to him now