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Fuaime Ceachteanna 63-64

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what did you say?
what did you do?
what did you see?
what did you hear?
what did you eat?
what did you drink?
what happened to you?
what did the master say to you?
what did you put in there?
what did that person give you?
what did you throw out that time?
What's wrong with you now, Seán?
Máire took my pencil from me
Have you his pencil, Máire?
I didn't take it from him. He gave it to me
I left it on the table
Get it now and don't be fighting
it will be wet later on
it will be dry later on
it will be cold later on
it will be hot later on
it will be dark later on
it will be bright later on
it won't be wet tomorrow, please God
he'll be here tomorrow, probably
no one will be there at seven o'clock
I won't have any one now
you'll have another one later on
Would you like a cup of tea, Pádraig?
I would (like), certainly, if you have it made
What did you say to daddy, mammy?
Be sure you heard me!
I'll (e) have a cup of tea also
You're too small yet. You'll have a glass of milk, perhaps
But I'd prefer a cup of tea