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Forces in action

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Braking Distance
The distance travelled by the car between the time of the brakes being applied and the car stopping.
Thinking Distance
The distance travelled by the car in the time taken for the driver to react.
Stopping Distance
Braking Distance + Thinking Distance
The Newton
The force required to accelerate a mass of 1kg to 1ms^-2
Principle of Moments
Clockwise moment = Anticlockwise moment (around a point)
Net force acting on the object must be zero, net moment about any point must also be zero
Centre of Gravity
The point where an object's entire weight appears to act
A couple
A pair of equal and opposite forces separated by a distance
A torque of a couple
One of the forces multiplied by the perpendicular distance between the forces
Mass per unit volume (Mass / Volume)
The normal force per unit cross sectional area (Force/Area)