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Work and energy

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The force per unit cross sectional area (Force/Area)
The deformation per unit of the original length (Extension/ Original Length)
Young's Modulus
Stress / Strain
Hooke's Law
The extension of a spring is directly proportional to the force applied to it (within elastic region)
Elastic Limit
The point after which a material does not return to its original form when stress is removed
Plastic Deformation
When the material does not return to its original length/shape/size
Brittle Material
Does not have a plastic region, breaks at elastic limit
Ultimate Tensile Strength
Breaking stress for a material
Work done
Force multiplied by the distance in the direction of the force.
The Joule
The work done moving 1N through 1m in the direction of the force
The rate at which work is done (Energy/Time)
The Watt
The transfer of energy of one joule per second
Principle of Conservation of Energy
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed into other forms
Special Theory of Relativity
The mass of an object increases as it approaches the speed of light