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Attracting people to apply for a job vacancy
Part-time Workers
Working for a proportion of the full working week (e.g. 18 hours)
Full-time Workers
Working for the normal full working week (e.g. 37 hours)
Internal Recruitment
Appointing an existing employee of the business to fill a vacancy
External Recruitment
Appointing an employee of another business to fill a vacancy
CV (Curriculum Vitae)
An applicant's record of their skills, experience and qualifications
When an employee is paid a fixed amount for each hour or day they work
When a worker is paid a fixed amount per month or year, no matter what hours they work
Payments made to retired workers alongside state pension (Businesses are expected to offer their own pension schemes)
Non-monetary Rewards (Fringe Benefits)
Rewards to employees that do not involve the direct payment of money to them
When the employee gets a percentage of the amount they sell
When someone works harder because they want to
Acting against someone for a reason they can't control
Employment rights
The rights of workers
Minimum Wage
The least that by law an employer can pay
When a person's job is no longer needed