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Old age, decrepitude, decay</p><hr/<p>jarā (f.) & (older) jaras (nt.) [of the latter only the instr. jarasā in use: Sn 804, 1123 (=jarāya Nd2 249). -- Sk. jarā & jaraḥ to *gerā: see jarati; cp. Gr. gh
kāmeti [den. fr. kāma] to desire, to crave, 1. to crave for any object of pleasure: Th 1, 93; J III.154; IV.167; V.480; -- 2. to desire a woman, to be in love with D I.241; M II.40; J II.226; V.425; V
see <see>vadati</see>, To speak, say; to declare, proclaim
passa [cp. Sk. paoeya, fr. passati] seeing, one who sees Th 1, 61 (see Morris, in J.P.T.S. 1885, 48).
Living according to the Law, virtuous
Now</p><hr/<p>etarahi (adv.) [Sk. etarhi, cp. tarahi & carahi] now, at present D I.29, 151, 179, 200; II.3; J I.215 (opp. tadā); III.82; VI.364 (instead of paccuppanna).
mogha (adj.) [the Vedic mogha for the later Sk. moha, which is the P. noun moha; fr. muh. BSk. mohapuruṣa e. g. at AvŒ II.177; MVastu III.440] empty, vain, useless, stupid, foolish D I.187 (opp. to sa
see ko
Descended from Gotama, Gautama or Gotamid or belonging to
loka [cp. Vedic loka in its oldest meaning "space, open space." For etym. see rocati. To the etym. feeling of the Pāli hearer loka is closely related in quality to ruppati (as in pop. etym. of rūpa) a
Outside</p><hr/<p>bahiddhā (adv.) [fr. bahi, cp. Vedic bahirdhā, formation in °dhā, like ekadhā, sattadhā etc. of numerals] outside (adv. & prep.) D I.16; II.110; S I.169; III.47, 103; IV.205; V.157;
For, because; certainly, indeed; alas!</p><hr/<p>hi (indecl.) [cp. Sk. hi] for, because; indeed, surely Vin I.13; D I.4; Dh 5; Sn 21; Pv II.118; II.710 (=hi saddo avadhāraṇe PvA 103); SnA 377 (=hi--kā
upālāpeti at PvA 276 read upalāpeti (q. v.). see upāsaka; cp. payir°.
tassa--pāpiyyasikā (f.) (viz. kiriyā) N. of one of the adhikaraṇa--samathā: guilt (legal wrong) of such & such a character Vin I.325; in detail expl. M II.249; + tiṇavatthāraka D III.254; A I.99. °kam