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pañña (--°) (adj.) [the adj. form of paññā] of wisdom, endowed with knowledge or insight, possessed of the highest cognition, in foll. cpds.: anissaraṇa° D I.245; S II.194; IV.332; anoma° Sn 343; appa
One in whom human passion is extinct, an arhat
Mahābrahma; the Hindu brahma; a brahmin; parents; a brahma angel; a Buddha
sabba (adj.) [Vedic sarva=Av. haurva (complete); Gr. o(/los ("holo--caust") whole; Lat. solidus & soldus "solid," perhaps also Lat. salvus safe] whole, entire; all, every D I.4; S IV.15; Vin I.5; It 3
vossagga [=ossagga; ava+sṛj] relinquishing, relaxation; handing over, donation, gift (see on term as ethical Bdhgh at K.S. I.321) D III.190 (issariya° handing over of authority), 226; S IV.365 sq.; V.
With, together. One of the upasaggas, only used as the first part of compounds.</p><hr/<p>Happily
A charioteer, coachman
An emphatic particle</p><hr/<p>ha [freq. in Rigveda, as gha or ha, Idg. *gho, *ghe; cp. Lat. hi--c, Sk. hi] an emphatic particle "hey, oh, hallo, I say" Vin II.109; Sn 666; iti ha, thus Vin I.5, 12; D
pariyodapana (nt.) & ā (f.) [fr. pariyodapeti], cleansing, purification A I.207 (cittassa); Dh 183 (=vodāpana DhA III.237); Nett 44. In BSk. distorted to paryādapana MVastu III.12 (=Dh 183).
bhikkhaka [fr. bhikkhu, Cp. Epic Sk. bhikṣuka & f. bhikṣukī] a beggar, mendicant S I.182 (bh. brāhmaṇa); J VI.59 (v. l. BB. °uka); VbhA 327.
samāhita [pp. of samādahati] 1. put down, fitted J IV.337; -- 2. collected (of mind), settled, composed, firm, attentive D I.13; S I.169; A II.6 (°indriya); III.312, 343 sq.; V.3, 93 sq., 329 sq.; Sn
dassana (nt.) [Sk. daroeana, see dassati1] -- 1. Lit. seeing, looking; noticing; sight of, appearance, look. Often equivalent to an infinitive "to see," esp. as dat. dassanāya in order to see, for the
see <see>sati</see>
Extinction or cessation of human passion or defilements
attamana [atta + mano, having an up raised mind. Bdhgh's expln. is saka--mano DA I.255 = attā + mano. He applies the same expln. to attamanatā (at Dhs 9, see Dhs trsl. 12) = attano manatā mentality o