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suta [pp. of suṇāti; cp. Vedic úruta] 1. heard; in special sense "received through inspiration or revelation"; learned; taught A 97 sq.; D III.164 sq., 241 sq.; freq. in phrase "iti me sutaṃ" thus ha
para (adv.--adj.) [fr. Idg. *per, *peri (cp. pari); Ved. para, parā, paraṃ; Lat. per through, Gr. pe/ra & pe/ran beyond; see Walde, Lat. Wtb. under per & also pari, pubba, pura, purāṇa] 1. (adv. & pre
pariyodāta (adj.) [pari+odāta, cp. pariyodapeti] 1. very clean, pure, cleansed, mostly combd with parisuddha (+) D I.75, 76 (+); M I.26; S I.198; III.235 (+); V.301; A III.27 (+); IV.120 sq.; J V.369
Across</p><hr/<p>tiriyaṃ (adv.) [Vedic tiryañc (tiryak) to tiras, see tiro & cp. perhaps Ger. quer=E. thwart, all to *ter in tarati] transversely, obliquely, horizontally (as opp. to uddhaṃ vertically
Name of one of the twenty-four Buddhas; name of a famous disciple of Buddha; the last Buddha before Gotama; president of the first mahāsaṅgīti; name of ṛishi
Belonging to a family, or species, having a particular nature or particular habits
The hand; an elephant's trunk; tax, toll, revenue; a ray of light</p><hr/<p>Making causing, doing
see <see>tayo</see>
bhāvita [pp. of bhāveti] developed, made to become by means of thought, cultured, well-balanced A V.299 (cittaṃ parittaṃ abhāvitaṃ; opp. cittaṃ appamāṇaṃ subhāvitaṃ); Sn 516, 558.
raṭṭha (nt.) [Vedic rāṣṭra] reign, kingdom, empire; country, realm Sn 46 (expld at Nd2 536 as "raṭṭhañ ca janapadañ ca koṭṭhāgārañ ca . . . nagarañ ca"), 287, 444, 619; J IV 389 (°ṃ araṭṭhaṃ karoti);
To be fond of, to be devoted to, honour</p><hr/<p>piyāyati [Denom. fr. piya ] to hold dear, to like, to be fond of (acc.), to be devoted to S I.210; J I.156; II.246; VI.5; VbhA 108 (in etym. of pitā,
cāga [from cajati, to give up, Vedic tyaj. Cp. Sk. tyāga] (a) abandoning, giving up, renunciation Vin I.10; S III.13, 26, 158; M I.486; A I.299. More freq. as: (b) liberality, generosity, munificence
gaṇanā (f.) counting, i. e. 1. counting up, arithmetic, number J I.29; Vism 278 sq.; Miln 79; VvA 194. <-> 2. counting, census, statistics; Tikap. 94; J I.35; Miln 4 (senā °ṃ kāretvā); DhA I.11, 34. -
dutiya (num. ord.) [Sk. dvitīya, with reduction of dvi to du, as in compn mentioned under dvi B II. For the meaning "companion" cp. num. ord. for two in Lat. secundus < sequor, i. e. he who follows, &
Want of respect, disrespect, disregard</p><hr/<p>Disrespectful, disregarding