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To know, to gain knowledge of; to comprehend, to perceive; to ascertain; to recognize; to be intelligent
Put together, aggregated, organized, made, wrought, built, created, perfected, embellished; cooked, dressed, compounded
khagga [Sk. khaḍga; perhaps to Lat. clades and gladius; cp. also kūṭa3] 1. a sword (often with dhanu, bow) at D I.7 (Dh I.89=asi) as one of the forbidden articles of ornament (cp. BSk. khaḍga--maṇi Di
Want of respect, disrespect, disregard</p><hr/<p>Disrespectful, disregarding
kāmaka (adj.) [fr. kāma] only --° in neg. akāmaka unwilling, undesirous D I.115; M I.163; Vin III.13; J IV.31; cp. kāmuka.
This, this one; that
To know, to gain knowledge of; to comprehend, to perceive; to ascertain; to recognize; to be intelligent
labha (--°) (adj.) [a base--formation fr. labh] receiving, to be received, to get; only in dul° hard to get Sn 75; S I.101; J I.307; Pug 26; Miln 16; Sdhp 17, 27; and su° easy to obtain Pv II.319.
By name; indeed</p><hr/<p>nāma (nt.) [Vedic nāman, cp. Gr. o)/noma (a)n--w/numos without name); Lat. nomen; Goth. namō; Ags. noma, Ohg. namo] name. -- 1. Literal. nom. nāmaṃ S I.39; Sn 808; J II.131;
paṭhama (adj.) [Ved. prathama, cp. Av. fratəma; also Ved. prataraṃ further, Gr. pro/teros superl. formation fr. prep. *pro, Sk. pra etc. see pa°] num. ord. "the first," in foll. meanings: (1) the firs
For, because; certainly, indeed; alas!</p><hr/<p>hi (indecl.) [cp. Sk. hi] for, because; indeed, surely Vin I.13; D I.4; Dh 5; Sn 21; Pv II.118; II.710 (=hi saddo avadhāraṇe PvA 103); SnA 377 (=hi--kā
vutta [pp. of vatti, vac; cp. utta] said DA I.17 (°ṃ hoti that is to say); DhA II.21, 75, 80; SnA 174. --vādin one who speaks what is said (correctly), telling the truth M I.369; S II.33; III.6.
Loss of wealth
A certain measure or weight</p><hr/<p>Fruit, a fruit, grain, crop, produce; result, consequence; reward, profit, advantage; a testicle