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see eso</p><hr/<p>etad (pron. adj.) [Vedic etad, of pron. base *e; see Walde, Lat. Wtb. under equidem] demonstr. pron. "this", with on the whole the same meaning and function as tad, only more definit
vutta [pp. of vatti, vac; cp. utta] said DA I.17 (°ṃ hoti that is to say); DhA II.21, 75, 80; SnA 174. --vādin one who speaks what is said (correctly), telling the truth M I.369; S II.33; III.6.
To shake, to tremble
anuttara (adj.) [an + uttara] "nothing higher", without a superior, incomparable, second to none, unsurpassed, excellent, preeminent Sn 234 (= adhikassa kassaci abhāvato KhA 193), 1003; Dh 23, 55 (= a
brāhmaṇa [fr. brahma; cp. Vedic brāhmaṇa, der. fr. brahmán] a member of the Brahman caste; a Br. teacher. In the Buddhist terminology also used for a man leading a pure, sinless & ascetic life, often
As, like, how, when mātā yathā niyam puttaṃ nurakkhe, as a mother would watch over her own son.</p><hr/<p>yathā (adv.) [fr. ya°; Vedic yathā; cp. kathā, tathā] as, like, in relation to, after (the man
A man of the lower classes or of low character; a common or ordinary man, one who is unconverted as opposed to one who has entered the paths, a worldling, natural or unsanctified man
see <see>jīvo</see> and <see>jīvati</see>
Seven</p><hr/<p>satta [pp. of sañj: sajjati] hanging, clinging or attached to Vin I.185; D II.246; Nd1 23, 24; Dh 342; J I.376. Cp. āsatta & byāsatta.
and (casakaṃ)A drinking vessel
amba [Derivation unknown. Not found in pre--Buddhist literature. The Sk. is āmra. Probably non--Aryan], the Mango tree, Mangifera Indica D I.46, 53, 235; J II.105, 160; Vv 7910; Pug 45; Miln 46; PvA 1
Producing; increasing, developing, being devoted to, realizing, attaining; earnest consideration, meditation</p><hr/<p>bhāvanā (f.) [fr. bhāveti, or fr. bhāva in meaning of bhāva 2, cp. Class. Sk. bhā
see <see>vāyati</see>, To blow, as the wind; to breathe forth, emit, as an odour; to be emitted</p><hr/<p>vāti see vāyati (in meaning "weave," as well as "blow").
To revere, to worship