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atta [ā + d + ta; that is, pp. of ādadāti with the base form reduced to d. Idg *d--to; cp. Sk. ātta] that which has been taken up, assumed. atta--daṇḍa, he who has taken a stick in hand, a violent pe
Who, what, which; he who; whoever. Declined like sabbo
tatha (adj.) [an adjectivized tathā out of combn tathā ti "so it is," cp. taccha] (being) in truth, truthful; true, real D I.190 (+bhūta taccha); M III.70; Th 1, 347; Sn 1115 (=Nd2 275 taccha bhūta, e
In many ways
kata (& sometimes kaṭa) [pp. of karoti] done, worked, made. Extremely rare as v. trs. in the common meaning of E. make, Ger. machen, or Fr. faire (see the cognate kapp and jan, also uppajjati & vissaj
And; but; even</p><hr/<p>ca (indef. enchtic particle) [Vedic ca adv. to rel. pron. *qṷo, idg. *que=Cr. te, Lat. que, Goth. --h. Cp. ka, ki, ku] 1. Indefinite (after demonstr. pron. in the sense of kiṃ
mayaṃ [1st pl. of ahaṃ, for vayaṃ after mayā etc. See ahaṃ] we Vin II.270; Sn 31, 91, 167; Dh 6; KhA 210.
brāhmaṇa [fr. brahma; cp. Vedic brāhmaṇa, der. fr. brahmán] a member of the Brahman caste; a Br. teacher. In the Buddhist terminology also used for a man leading a pure, sinless & ascetic life, often
Softness, impressibility</p><hr/<p>mudutā (f.) [cp. Sk. mṛdutā; abstr. fr. mudu. See also muditā] softness, impressibility, plasticity A I.9; D III.153 (trsln "loveliness"); Dhs 44 (+maddavatā); 1340
Adversity; adversity personified, the goddess of adversity
A carpenter</p><hr/<p>thapati [Vedic sthapati, to sthā+pati] 1. a builder, master carpenter M I.396=S IV.223; M III.144, <-> 2. officer, overseer S V.348.
see eso</p><hr/<p>esa see etad.
see <see>vadati</see>, To speak, say; to declare, proclaim
see <see>cavati</see>
Oh! I say! Sir! Friend! This is a familiar term of address, and is used to inferiors and equals.