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A painting</p><hr/<p>The heart; the mind; a thought, an idea; will, intention
see <see>tayo</see>
sassata (adj.) [Vedic oeaoevat] eternal, perpetual D I.13; III.31 sq., 137 sq.; M I.8, 426; A I.41; Dh 255; Dhs 1099; J I.468; Miln 413; DA I.112; dhuvasassata sure and certain Bu II.111 sq.=J I.19; s
ṭhāna (ṭṭhāna) (nt.) [Vedic sthāna, sthā, see tiṭṭhati; cp. Sk. sthāman Gr. staqmi/s, Lat. stamen] -- I. Connotation. As one of the 4 iriyāpathā (behaviours) 1. contrasted (a) as standing position wit
paṭividita [pp. of paṭi+vid] known, ascertained D I.2; Ps I.188.
see satipaṭṭhāno
abbhuta (adj. nt.) [*Sk. adbhuta which appears to be constructed from the Pāli & offers like its companion *āúcarya (acchariya abbhuta see below) serious difficulties as to etym. The most probable so
Pure, clear; innocent, pure, holy; perfect, intact
Descended from Gotama, Gautama or Gotamid or belonging to
To go, to go to, to proceed; to depart</p><hr/<p>gacchati [Vedic gacchati, a desiderative (future) formation from *gṷem "I am intent upon going," i. e. I go, with the foll. bases. -- (1) Future--prese
This is a contracted form of bhadante. It is used as a reverential term of address, "Lord", "Reverend sir", and is the proper address of Buddha, of Buddhist priests, of ṛishis, tāpasas, etc.
bhagavant (adj. n.) [cp. Vedic bhagavant, fr. bhaga] fortunate, illustrious, sublime, as Ep. and title "Lord." Thus applied to the Buddha (amhākaṃ Bh.) and his predecessors. Occurs with extreme freque
diṭṭha [Sk. dṛṣṭa, pp. of *dassati] 1. seen; a° not seen D I.222 (a°+avedita asacchikata); M I.3 sq. (diṭṭhaṃ diṭṭhato sañjānāti); Sn 147 (diṭṭhā vā ye vā addiṭṭhā), 995 (na me diṭṭho ito pubbe na ss
My good woman, my dear madam
paṭilābha [fr. paṭi+labh] obtaining, receiving, taking up, acquisition, assumption, attainment D I.195; M I.50; A II.93, 143; Ps II.182, 189; Nd1 262; Dh 333; Pug 57; VvA 113; PvA 50, 73, 74. -- attab