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To know, understand, discern, distinguish, find out</p><hr/<p>pajānāti [pa+jānāti] to know, find out, come to know, understand, distinguish D I.45 (yathābhūtaṃ really, truly), 79 (ceto paricca), 162,
Knowing the universe. A common epithet of a Buddha
Decrease, decay, diminution, loss, falling off</p><hr/<p>parihāni (f.) [fr. pari+hā] loss, diminution (opp. vuddhi) S II.206; IV.76, 79; V.143, 173; A I.15; III.76 sq.; IV.288; V.19 sq., 96, 124 sq.;
vada (adj.) (--°) [fr. vad] speaking, in cpd. vaggu° speaking pleasantly Sn 955 (cp. Nd1 446; SnA 571=sundaravada); suddhiṃ° of clean speech Sn 910.
and (tettiṃsati)Thirty-three</p><hr/<p>tettiṃsa (num.) [tayo+tiṃsa] thirty--three J I.273; DhA I.267 sq. See also under tayo & tāvatiṃsa.
One, a certain
vīra [Vedic vīra; cp. Av. vīra, Lat. vir, virtus "virtue"; Gotu. wair, Ohg, Ags wer; to vayas strength etc.; cp. viriya] manly, mighty, heroic; a hero S I.137; Sn 44, 165 (not dhīra), 642, 1096, 1102;
A cowherd
Worthy, venerable, sanctified, holy</p><hr/<p>A venerable person, a holy man, a saint; one who has attained final sanctification, an arhat
Strength, power, force; an army, troops, forces; bulkiness
tatiya [Sk. tṛtīya, Av. Qritya, Gr. tri/tos, Lat. tertius, Goth. pridja, E. third] Num. ord. the third. -- Sn 97 (parābhavo); 436 (khuppipāsā as the 3rd division in the army of Māra), 1001; J II.353;
aññatara (pron. adj.) [Sk. anyatara, añña + compar. suff. tara, cp. Lat. alter, Goth. anpar etc.] one of a certain number, a certain, somebody, some; often used (like eka) as indef. article "a". Very
Possessed of
In that place, there; in another world, another state of existence, hereafter</p><hr/<p>amutra (adv.) [pron. base amu + tra] in that place, there; in another state of existence D I.4, 14, 184; It 99.
A sister</p><hr/<p>bhaginī (f.) [Epic Sk. bhaginī] a sister J VI.32. The popular etym. of bh. as given at VbhA 108 is the same as that for bhātar, viz. "bhagatī ti bh." -- Cpd. bhagini--māla a "sister