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pare (adv.) see para 2 c.
vibhāvana (nt.) & °ā (f.) [fr. vibhāveti] 1. making clear, ascertainment, explanation, exposition J III.389; Vbh 342, 343 (ā); Sn A 13, 261 sq., 318; VbhA 409 (ā); ThA 76 (ā), 230; PvA 137, 140 (so re
jalita (adj.) [pp. to jalati] set on fire, burning, shining, bright, splendid Sn 396, 668, 686; Vv 216 (=jalanto jotanto VvA 107); Pv I.1014 (burning floor of Niraya); II.112 (°ânubhāva: shining maje
miga [Vedic mṛga, to mṛj, cp. magga, meaning, when characterised by another attribute "wild animal" in general, animal of the forest; when uncharacterised usually antelope] 1. a wild animal, an animal
panāda [pa+nāda] shouting out, shrieks of joy J VI.282.
sanga [fr. sañj: see sajjati1] cleaving, clinging, attachment, bond S I.25, 117 sq.; A III.311; IV.289; Dh 170, 342, etc.; Sn 61, 212, 386, 390, 475, etc.; Dhs 1059; DhsA 363; J III.201; the five sang
dibba (adj.) [Ved. divya=P. divya in verse (q. v.), Gr. di_os (*divios), Lat. dīus (*divios)=divine. Cp. deva] of the next world, divine, heavenly, celestial, superb, magnificent, fit for exalted bein
Chief place, pre-eminence, the chief, the best
mayaṃ [1st pl. of ahaṃ, for vayaṃ after mayā etc. See ahaṃ] we Vin II.270; Sn 31, 91, 167; Dh 6; KhA 210.
sammukha (adj.) [saṃ+mukha] face to face with, in presence; sammukhaciṇṇa a deed done in a person's presence J III.27; sammukhā (abl.) 1. face to face, before, from before D II.155; Sn p. 79; J I.115;
kata (& sometimes kaṭa) [pp. of karoti] done, worked, made. Extremely rare as v. trs. in the common meaning of E. make, Ger. machen, or Fr. faire (see the cognate kapp and jan, also uppajjati & vissaj
Following from anything as a necessary result; by means of, on account of, by reason of, through, by</p><hr/<p>paṭicca [ger. of pacceti, paṭi+i; cp. BSk. pratītya] grounded on, on account of, concerni
dukkha (adj.--n.) [Sk. duḥkha fr. duḥ--ka, an adj. formation fr. prefix duḥ (see du). According to others an analogy formation after sukha, q. v.; Bdhgh (at Vism 494) expls dukkha as du+kha, where du=
Name of a town in India, the capital of Kosala