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puṭṭha [pp. of puṣ (see poseti), Vedic puṣṭa] nourished, fed, strengthened, brought up Sn 831; J III.467.
niraya [BSk. niraya, nis+aya of i=to go asunder, to go to destruction, to die, cp. in meaning Vedic nirṛti. The popular etym. given by Dhammapāla at PvA 53 is "n' atthi ettha ayo sukhan ti"=there is n
Having karma for his portion, having his own individual karma
Unmeaning, senseless, foolish
Such, of this sort
Friend! Sir! Brother!</p><hr/<p>āvuso (voc. pl. m.) [a contracted form of āyusmanto pl. of āyusman, of which the regular Pāli form is āyasmant, with v for y as frequently in Pāli, e. g. āvudha for āyu
bhagavant (adj. n.) [cp. Vedic bhagavant, fr. bhaga] fortunate, illustrious, sublime, as Ep. and title "Lord." Thus applied to the Buddha (amhākaṃ Bh.) and his predecessors. Occurs with extreme freque
The earth
Descended from Gotama, Gautama or Gotamid or belonging to
āsana (nt.) [from āsati] sitting, sitting down; a seat, throne M I.469; Vin I.272 (= pallankassa okāsa); S I.46 (ek° sitting alone, a solitary seat); A III.389 (an° without a seat); Sn 338, 718, 810,
sāḷika a bird; f. °ā the Maina bird J I.429; VI.421. Spelt sāḷiyā at J VI.425. See [fr. sru] juice VvA 186.
Austerities, self-mortification by fasting
To forsake, abandon, give up, renounce, get rid of, escape from</p><hr/<p>pajahati (°jahāti) [pa+jahati of hā] to give up, renounce, forsake, abandon, eliminate, let go, get rid of; freq. as synonym o
samaya [cp. Sk. samaya, fr. saṃ+i. See also samiti] congregation; time, condition, etc. -- At DhsA 57 sq. we find a detailed expln of the word samaya (s--sadda), with meanings given as follows: (1) sa
brūmeti [possible Caus. fr. brūti, but as Geiger, P.Gr. 1412, rightly remarks "not critically sound"] to say D I.95 (expld as "brūmetū ti vadatu" DA I.265).