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Fire, sacrificial fire, deity of fire</p><hr/<p>aggi [Vedic agni = Lat. ignis. Besides the contracted form aggi we find the diaeretic forms gini (q. v.) and aggini (see below)] fire. -- 1. fire, flame
lābha [fr. labh] receiving, getting, acquisition, gain, possession; pl. possessions D I.8; II.58, 61; M I.508 (ārogya--paramā lābhā); III.39; A I.74; IV.157 sq., 160 (lābhena abhibhūto pariyādinnacitt
A good or pious man
To be, to exist</p><hr/<p>atthi [Sk. asti, 1st sg. asmi; Gr. ei)mi/--e)sti/; Lat. sum--est; Goth. im--ist; Ags. eom--is E. am--is] to be, to exist. <-> Pres. Ind. 1st sg. asmi Sn 1120, 1143; J I.151;
Where one's karma leads
An individual or person as opposed to a multitude or class; a creature, being, man
Adversity; adversity personified, the goddess of adversity
Chief place, pre-eminence, the chief, the best
To point out; to teach; to show; to preach; to expound; to confess</p><hr/<p>deseti [Sk. deoeayati, Caus. of disati, q. v.] to point out, indicate, show; set forth, preach, teach; confess. Very freq.
evaṃ (adv.) [Vedic evaṃ] so, thus, in this way, either referring to what precedes or what follows, e. g. (1) thus (as mentioned, expld. at Vism 528 as "niddiṭṭha--nayanidassana") D I.193 (evaṃ sante t
sabba (adj.) [Vedic sarva=Av. haurva (complete); Gr. o(/los ("holo--caust") whole; Lat. solidus & soldus "solid," perhaps also Lat. salvus safe] whole, entire; all, every D I.4; S IV.15; Vin I.5; It 3
dutiya (num. ord.) [Sk. dvitīya, with reduction of dvi to du, as in compn mentioned under dvi B II. For the meaning "companion" cp. num. ord. for two in Lat. secundus < sequor, i. e. he who follows, &
Not dear, not beloved; not pleasant, disagreeable; unfriendly, unkind, inimical
Even; if</p><hr/<p>ce [vedic ced; ce=Lat. que in absque, ne--c, etc., Goth. h in ni--h. see also ca 3] conditional particle "if," constructed either with Indicative (ito ce pi yojanasate, viharati eve