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samaṇa [BSk. oeramaṇa, fr. oeram, but mixed in meaning with oeam] a wanderer, recluse, religieux A I.67; D III.16, 95 sq., 130 sq.; S I.45; Dh 184; of a non--Buddhist (tāpasa) J III.390; an edifying e
doṇa [Sk. droṇa (nt.) conn. with *dereṷo tree, wood, wooden, see dabbi & dāru & cp. Sk. druṇī pail] a wooden pail, vat, trough; usually as measure of capacity (4 Āḷhaka generally) Pv IV.333 (mitāni su
Living on such and such food
And; but; even</p><hr/<p>ca (indef. enchtic particle) [Vedic ca adv. to rel. pron. *qṷo, idg. *que=Cr. te, Lat. que, Goth. --h. Cp. ka, ki, ku] 1. Indefinite (after demonstr. pron. in the sense of kiṃ
yasavant (adj.) [cp. Vedic yaoeasvat] famous, having renown A II.64 (dīghāyu+).
The moon</p><hr/<p>Not, do not</p><hr/<p>mā (indecl.) [cp. Vedic mā, Gr. mh/] prohibition particle: not, do not, let us hope not, I wish that . . . not [cp. Lat. utinam & ne]. Constructed with various
To give currency to, use; express</p><hr/<p>voharati [vi+oharati] 1. to express, define, decide M I.499; D I.202; Miln 218. -- 2. to decide, govern over (a kingdom), give justice, administrate J IV.13
vavattheti [unusual pres. (Med.--Pass.) formation fr. vi+ ava+sthā, formed perhaps after vavatthita] to be determined or analysed Ps I.53, 76, 84.
To say, to declare</p><hr/<p>abhivadati [abhi + vadati] 1. to speak out, declare, promise J I.83 = Vin I.36; J VI.220. -- 2. to speak (kindly) to, to welcome, salute, greet. In this sense always combd
loka [cp. Vedic loka in its oldest meaning "space, open space." For etym. see rocati. To the etym. feeling of the Pāli hearer loka is closely related in quality to ruppati (as in pop. etym. of rūpa) a
gajjitar [n. agent fr. prec.] one who thunders, of a man in comparison with a cloud A II.102=Pug 42.
Dominion of the Law, The wheel of Dhamma
Consideration, reputation
Night</p><hr/<p>ratti (f.) [Vedic rātrī & later Sk. rātri. -- Idg *lādh as in Gr. lh/qw=Lat. lateo to hide; Sk rāhu dark demon; also Gr. *lhtw/ (=Lat. Latona) Goddess of night; Mhg. luoder insidiousne
Happy condition, being reborn in heaven; heaven, svarga</p><hr/<p>Righteous</p><hr/<p>sugati (f.) [su+gati] happiness, bliss, a happy fate (see detail under gati) Vin II.162, 195; D I.143; II.141; Pug