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To address, to speak to; to call</p><hr/<p>āmanteti [denom. of ā + *mantra] to call, address, speak to, invite, consult J VI.265; DA I.297; SnA 487 (= ālapati & avhayati); PvA 75, 80, 127. -- aor. āma
Oneself, by oneself, spontaneously</p><hr/<p>sayaṃ (adv.) [see etym. under sa4] self, by oneself Vin I.8; D I.12; DA I.175; Sn 57, 320, etc.; p. 57, 100, etc.; Mhvs 7, 63 (for f.). Also with ref. to s
A substitute for some of the cases of the plur. of the pronoun of the first person. For the nom. "we"</p><hr/<p>Not
sukka [Vedic oeukra; fr. oeuc] planet, star Ud. 9=Nett 150; (nt.) semen, sukkavisaṭṭhi emission of semen Vin II.38; III.112; IV.30; Kvu 163.
Now, pray! I wonder ko nu hāso, what laughter can there be ?</p><hr/<p>nu (indecl.) [Ved. nu, Idg. *nu, orig. adv. of time=now; cp. Lat. num (to nunc, now), see nūna] affirm.--indef. part. "then, now.