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To attain, enter on, take upon oneself; to reach, approach</p><hr/<p>upasampajjati [upa + sampajjati] to attain, enter on, acquire, take upon oneself usually in ger. upasampajja M I.89; S III.8; A IV.
A grammatical term, the active or transitive verb
kāya [der. probably fr. ci, cinoti to heap up, cp. nikāya heaping up, accumulation or collection; Sk. kāya] group, heap, collection, aggregate, body. -- Definitions and synonyms. -- SnA 31 gives the f
Form, figure, shape; image, representation; the body; in gram. a verbal or nominal form; beauty; natural state; characteristic
cetasa N. of a tree, perhaps the yellow Myrobalan J V.420.
How many?</p><hr/<p>kati (indecl.) [interr. pron.; used like Lat. quot. Already Vedic.] how many? Vin I.83 (k. sikkhāpadāni), 155; S I.3 (°sangâtiga having overcome how many attachments? ), 70; Sn 83
dīpa [Ved. dīpa to Ved. dī, dīpyate; Idg. *dei̯ā to shine (see dibba, deva); cp. Gr. di/alos, dh_los; see also jotati] a lamp J II.104 (°ṃ jāleti to light a l.); DhA II.49 (id.), 94 (id.) --acci the
paṭissuṇāti [paṭi+oeru] to assent, promise, agree aor. paccassosi Vin I.73; D I.236; S I.147, 155; Sn p. 50, and paṭisuṇi SnA 314; ger. °suṇitvā freq. in formula "sādhū ti patissuṇitvā" asserting his
A town or city; a fortified town, a fortress or citadel
tāvatiṃsa [tayo+tiṃsa. Cp. Vedic trayastriṃoeat] No. 33, only in cpds. denoting the 33 gods, whose chief is Sakka, while the numeral 33 is always tettiṃsa. This number occurs already in the Vedas with
Sole sovereignty
To cause to go, to send
Having such and such a name
dukkha (adj.--n.) [Sk. duḥkha fr. duḥ--ka, an adj. formation fr. prefix duḥ (see du). According to others an analogy formation after sukha, q. v.; Bdhgh (at Vism 494) expls dukkha as du+kha, where du=
Good, excellent, right, proper; respectable, well-born