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Negation of verbs

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(ja) nie som
I am not
(ty) nie si
you are not (informal)
(on/ona/ono) nie je
he/she/it is not
(my) nie sme
we are not
(vy) nie ste
you are not (formal/plural)
(oni/ony) nie sú
they are not
(ja) nemám
I do not have
(ty) nemáš
you do not have (informal)
(on/ona/ono) nemá
he/she/it does not have
(my) nemáme
we do not have
(vy) nemáte
you do not have (formal/plural)
(oni/ony) nemajú
they do not have
ja sa neusmievam
I do not smile
ty sa neusmievaš
you do not smile (informal)
on/ona/ono sa neusmieva
he/she/it does not smile
vy sa neusmievate
you do not smile (formal/plural)
my sa neusmievame
we do not smile
oni/ony sa neusmievajú
they do not smile