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Verbs (Definitive Forms)

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είμαι [irregular]
to be
έχω [stem: έχ-, typ. A1]
to have
κάνω [stem: κάν-, typ. A1]
to do
μπορώ [stem: μπορ-, typ. A2]
to be able to
τρώω [stem: τρώ-, typ. Β]
to eat
πίνω [stem: πίν-, typ. A1]
to drink
διαβάζω [stem: διαβάζ-, typ. A1]
to read
γράφω [stem: γράφ-, typ. A1]
to write
μαθαίνω [stem: μαθαίν-, typ. A1]
to learn
μιλάω [stem: μιλ-, typ. C]
to talk / to speak
λέω [stem: λέ-, typ. Β]
to say
ακούω [stem: ακού-, typ. Β]
to listen / to hear
παίζω [stem: παίζ-, typ. A1]
to play
τρέχω [stem: τρέχ-, typ. A1]
to run
πηδάω [stem: πηδ-, typ. C]
to jump
πετάω [stem: πετ-, typ. C]
to fly
κολυμπάω [stem: κολυμπ-, typ. C]
to swim
δίνω [stem: διν-, typ. Α1]
to give
παίρνω [stem: παίρν-, typ. C]
to take
καταλαβαίνω [stem: καταλαβαίν-, typ. C]
to understand
φεύγω [stem: φεύγ-, typ. C]
to leave