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Auxiliary Verbs: Do, Does, Did

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do they go
How often _______ they _______ to the bank? [go]
did you go
When _______ you _______ snowboarding ? [I ride on]
doesn't listen to
she _______ rap. [not listening]
did he go
When _______ he _______ to Moscow ? [ I traveled]
didn't go
she _______ sledging yesterday. [not skated on]
didn't drink
he _______ coffee yesterday. [not drink]
doesn't play
she _______ rugby. [plays]
did she go
When _______ she _______ to London ? [ I have gone]
don't get up
they _______ at half past seven every day. [do not stand up]
don't make
we _______ breakfast every day. [We do not cook]
did you buy
When _______ you _______ groceries? [Bought]
does he like
_______ he _______ reading ? [loves]
don't read
we _______ poetry. [We do not read]
did you clean your teeth
_______ you _______? [Brush your teeth]
didn't have breakfast
I _______ yesterday. [no breakfast]
didn't clean her teeth
she _______ yesterday. [Do not clean your teeth]
do you like
_______ you _______ snowboarding ? [love]
do they go to
_______ they _______ restaurants ? [go]
didn't play
he _______ the flute yesterday. [I did not play]
don't like
I _______ fishing. [I do not like]