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When did you get here?
언제 이곳에 도착하셨습니까?
There are two days
present day
How long you stay?
얼마나 머무르실 예정입니까?
I leave tomorrow
전 내일 다시 떠날 겁니다
I'm leaving the day after tomorrow
전 모레 다시 떠날겁니다
I'm leaving in three days
전 삼일후에 다시 떠날겁니다
What time do you leave?
몇시에 떠나실거에요?
The morning at eight o'clock
아침 여덟시
The morning at fifteen past eight o'clock
아침 여덟시 십오분
The morning at thirty past eight o'clock
아침 여덟시 삼십분
The evening at eighteen o'clock
저녁 여섯시