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anns a' bhaile
in the town
faisg air a' bhaile
near the town
A bheil sibh a' fuireach anns a' bhaile?
Do you live in the town? (polite)
a' falbh
going away, leaving
air a' bhus
on the bus
air an trèana
on the train
anns a' chàr
in the car
A bheil sibh a' falbh air an trèana?
Are you going away on the train? (polite)
Tha mi a' dol air a' bhus
I'm going on the bus
Cuin a tha am bus a' falbh?
When does the bus leave?
Aig trì uairean
At three o'clock
A bheil sibh ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig?
Are you learning Gaelic? (polite)
A bheil Gàidhlig agad?
Do you speak Gaelic? (informal)
Tha, beagan
Yes, a little
Tha beagan Gàidhlig agam
I have a little Gaelic
A bheil sibh a' tuigsinn?
Do you understand? (polite)
Tha mi a' tuigsinn beagan
I understand a little
Chan eil mi a' tuigsinn
I don't understand
Chan eil mi ag obair
I'm not working
Càite a bheil thu ag obair?
Where do you work? (informal)
just now, at the moment
An do chòrd e riut?
Did you enjoy it (m)? (informal)
An do chòrd e ribh?
Did you enjoy it (m)? (polite)
An do chòrd an cofaidh ribh?
Did you enjoy the coffee? (polite)
Yes (enjoyed)
Cha do chòrd
No (didn't enjoy)
Chòrd e rium
I enjoyed it (m)
Dè an uair a tha e?
What time is it?
Tha e ceithir uairean
It's four o'clock
Tha e timcheall air ceithir uairean
It's around four o'clock
cairteal an dèidh ceithir
quarter past four
Tha mi a' seinn aig cairteal an dèidh ceithir
I'm singing at quarter past four
Tha mi duilich
I'm sorry