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Unit 3: Reflexive verbs

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to enjoy oneself
to stop
se baigner
to bathe
se coucher
to go to bed
se dépêcher
to hurry
to be bored
to get dressed
s’intéresser à
to be interested in
se laver
to wash
se lever
to get up
s’occuper de
to be busy with
se passer
to happen
se reposer
to rest
se réveiller
to wake up
se doucher
to shower
se sécher
to dry onseself
se brosser les dents
to brush your teeth
se brosser les cheveux
to brush your hair
se maquiller
to put on makeup
se parfumer
to put on perfume
se regarder
to look at oneself
se détendre
to relax
se rappeler
to remember
se déshabiller
to get undressed