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(1) 384-322 BC. From Stagira in northern Greece. Student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. Wrote on logic, mathematics, physics, metaphysics, ethics, politics, rhetoric, poetics, dance, theater, agriculture, biology, botany, and medicine.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
(2) 1770 - 1831. German philosopher who revolutionized European philosophy with his system of absolute idealism.
Immanuel Kant
(3) 1724 - 1804. German philosopher who argued that the structure of experience is determined by concepts of the mind.
Karl Marx
(4) 1818 - 1883. German philosopher and economist who influenced subsequent understanding of capital and labor.
Friedrich Nietzsche
(5) 1844 - 1900. German philologist and philosopher. His ideas include the "Death of God,"and the Will to Power. Strongly influenced continental European philosophy, including existentialism.