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Martin Heidegger
(11) 1889 - 1976. German philosopher who contributed to existential phenomenology and developed an influential, idiosyncratic philosophy of Being, Time, and Existence.
David Hume
(12) 1711 - 1776. Scottish philosopher, economist, and historian. Developed an empiricistic and sceptical philosophy. Played a central part in the Scottish Enlightenment.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
(13) 1889 - 1951. Austrian philosopher. Developed his philosophy from the point of view of language and logic.
René Descartes
(14) 1596 - 1650. French mathematician and philosopher. Often considered founder of modern philosophy and continental rationalism. Father of analytical geometry.
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
(15) 1646 - 1716. German mathematician and philosopher. Made deep contributions to logic, metaphysics, physics, ethics, and theology. Co-discoverer of the calculus.