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Jean-Jacques Rousseau
(16) 1712 - 1778. Swiss writer, musician, and philosopher who greatly influenced the French Revolution and many thinkers of the 18th century. Contributed to the development of modern sociological and educational thinking.
Thomas Aquinas
(17) 1225 - 1274. Italian born Dominican priest. Saint of the Catholic Church. Synthesized the Aristotelian and Scholastic traditions.
John Locke
(18) 1632 - 1704. British philosopher and medical researcher. Wrote one of the first great defenses of empiricism.
John Stuart Mill
(19) 1806 - 1873. Most influential British philosopher in the 19th century. Wrote on many subjects, but his influence today is mostly on moral and political philosophy.
Jean-Paul Sartre
(20) 1905 - 1980. French philosopher, novelist, and playwright, sometimes called the father of Existentialist philosophy.