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Lady Macbeth

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“look like th’ innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t”
Macbeth's unsuspecting appearance, serpent role in religion, Lady Macbeth's control and acting as Macbeth's evil doppelganger (1.5.63)
"out damned spot"
LM ironically can't clean her hands as easily as she earlier predicted. (5.1.30)
"Screw your courage to the sticking-place"
Trying to persuade Macbeth to kill Duncun - an imperative (1.7.60)
"unsex me here"
Lady Macbeth doubting Macbeth's dedication to killing Duncan, Lady Macbeth acting unlike females in Shakespeare's contemporary (1.5.39)
“Nought’s had, all’s spent”
LM admits to herself that everything is coming to the end - but she says this to herself, can't admit it to her husband. (3.2.4)
“take my milk for gall”
The language suggests that her womanhood, represented by breasts and milk, usually symbols of nurture, impedes her from performing acts of violence and cruelty, which she associates with manliness. (1.5.46)
“And dashed the brains out”
Lady Macbeth shows the lengths to which she will go to gain power, taunting Macbeth. She takes away any possibility of her in a mother-like figure. She is all femme fatal. (1.7.58)
“what’s done cannot be undone.”
She still has a firm grip on the crimes she has committed, so even though she is mad when she says this - a small part of her seriously understands the severity of her monstrosities. (5.1.57)