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krro krro
at times, on occasion
kunsìpìri txana tìmeyp lu tsyal a mìn.
The gunship’s main weakness is the rotor system.
kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe
the tail and ears also speak; body language is important (Na'vi proverb)
ma frapo, ayngaru oeyä tsmukit alu Newey
everybody, please allow me to introduce (to you) my sister, Newey
makto zong
take care, travel safely
ne kllte
get down
nga läpivawk nì’it nì’ul ko
tell me a bit more about yourself
nga läpivawk nìno ko
tell me all about yourself
nga pesuhu käteng nìtrrtrr
who do you normally spend time with?
ngari solalew polpxaya zìsìt
how old are you?, how many years have you passed?