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Printing Processes

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Uses a flexible rubber or plastic printing plate making it easy to print on uneven surfaces e.g. cardboard or plastic bottles.
Offset Lithography
Works on the principle that oil (ink) and water do not mix. A fast, high quality printing process for a flat surface e.g. newspapers, books or packaging.
Uses an etched brass printing plate. It is expensive to set up and produces high quality printing e.g. stamps, photo's and colourful magazines.
Screen Printing
Builds up an image using a stencil placed under a mesh screen with ink spread along the top. It is a low cost process for small print runs e.g. t-shirts, posters or signs.
Digital Printing
Done using inkjet or laser printers. It is very expensive to use, and is only used for small print runs e.g. posters, flyers and digital photographs.