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Colour in Printing

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The four layers of colour used in process of printing. (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
Colour Fusion
Where tiny dots of different colours are really close together appear to be a different colour e.g. blue & yellow = green. Used in advertising posters, leaflets and newspapers.
Colour Separation
When a computer program separates the colours of an image into the 4 printing colours CMYK.
Colour bars
Printed at the edge of a sheet to check the colours are being printed correctly. The machine can then be adjusted if the colours are not printing correctly.
Registration Marks
Used in printing to check the printing plates are in the right position. Shown as a clear cross in a circle if the plates are in the right places.
Crop Marks
Shows where the printed sheet needs to be cut to the correct size.
Bleed Area
Spreads 3mm out from the crop marks to ensure no white edge is left after cropping.