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Microbe noun
an organism invisible to the naked eye
Microcosm 1 noun
A miniature world
Microcosm 2 noun
Something that resembles something else on a small scale
Minuscule adj
Extremely small
minutia noun
a small or trivial detail
attenuate 1 trv
to make slender or small
attenuate 2 trv
To reduce in force and value
Attenuate 3 trv
To weaken
Tenuous 1 adj
Thin in Form
Tenuous 2 adj
Flimsy; having little substance or validility
satiate 1 trv
to satisfy an appetite fully
satiate 2 trv
to gratify or excess
Comply intr v
To do as one is asked or ordered
Implement 1 noun
a tool or unensil
Implement 2 trv
to carry out, or put into affect
Replete 1 adj
Well stocked or abundantly supplied
Replete 2 adj
Completely filled, utterly satisfied
Expletive noun
An exclamation or oath, often obscene