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bear, bring, carry
fero, ferre, tuli, latus
bring (upon), inflict (upon), inspire (in)
infero, inferre, intuli, illatus + dat.
scatter, put off, differ
differo, differre, distuli, dilatus
bring together, compare
confero, conferre, contuli, collatus
to betake oneself
se conferre
bring back, report, refer
refero, referre, rettuli, relatus
to fall back, to retreat
pedem referre
ipse, ipsa, ipsum
except, past, contrary to
praeter + acc.
companion, ally
socius, -i
undertake, take (upon oneself)
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus, 3, tr
force, power, violence
vis (gen. vis; acc. vim; abl. vi)
violently, by force
vi (abl. of vis)
lead in, lead on, influence
induco, inducere, induxi, inductus, 3, tr