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am able, can
possum, posse, potui, irreg.
place, set up, decide, determine
constituo, constituere, consitui, constitutus, 3, tr.
try, attempt
conor, 1, tr.
began, have begun
coepi, coepisse, coeptus sum, tr.
ought, owe
debeo, 2, tr.
order, command
jubeo, jubēre, jussi, jussus, 2, tr.
commit, entrust
mando, 1, tr. + dat. of person
prepare, get ready
paro, 1, tr.
follow up, overtake, gain
consequor, consequi, consecutus sum, 3, tr.
join, unite
jungo, jungere, junxi, junctus, 3, tr.
join together, unite
conjungo, conjungere, conjunxi, conjunctus, 3, tr.
arouse, influence
permoveo, permovēre, permovi, permotus, 2, tr.
impero, 1, tr. + dat. of person
it behooves, it is necessary
opportet, oportēre, oportuit, 2, inr.
prepared (for), ready
paratus, a, um + inf. or ad + ac.