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The Helvetian Drive to the West, lines 146-171

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amplius (adv.)
turn away, turn aside
averto, avertere, averti, aversus, 3, tr.
runaway, slave
fugitivus, -i
change, alter
commuto, 1, tr.
turn around, wheel about, change
converto, convertere, converti, conversus, 3, tr.
from the rear, in the rear
a novissime agmine
insequor, insequi, insecutus sum, 3, tr.
triplex (gen. triplicis)
veteranus, a, um
yoke, ridge
jugum, -i
Hither Gaul
Gallia (-ae) Citerior (Citerioris)
sarcina, -ae
come up to, advance, am next
succedo, succēdere, successi, successum, 3, intr.