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The Helvetian Drive to the West, lines 172-217

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at last, at length, finally
tandem (adv.)
exhausted, wearied, worn out
defessus, a, um
circiter (adv.)
shut, close
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus, 3, tr.
side, flank
latus, latere (n)
come around, surround, cut off, betray
circumvenio, circumvenire, circumveni, circumventus, 4, tr.
with two sides, double
anceps (gen. ancipitis)
throw in the way, place in front
objicio, objicere, objeci, objectus, 3, tr.
hurl, throw, cast
conjicio, conjicere, conjeci, conjectus, 3, tr.
am over, remain, survive
supersum, superesse, superfui, intr.
three days
triduum, -i
surrender, capitulation
deditio, deditionis
throw forward, cast
projicio, projicere, projeci, projectus, 3, tr.
to that place, there
eo (adv.)
ask, demand
posco, poscere, poposci, 3, tr.
terriffy greatly, frighten thoroughly
perterreo, perterrēre, perterrui, perterritus, 2, tr.
perfuga, -ae