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Revolt Along the Seacoast, lines 54-92

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service, allegiance, duty
officium, -i
hand, troop, band
manus, -us (f)
speed, swiftness
celeritas, celeritatis
storm, weather
tempestas, tempestatis
altitudo, altitudinis
throw to, throw up, hurl
adjicio, adjicere, adjeci, adjectus, 3, tr.
come to, aproach, is added
accedo, accedere, accessi, accessum, 3, intr.
rage, am fierce
saevio, 4, intr.
ford (of a river), shallow (of the sea)
vadum, -i
take a position, halt, remain, form (of soldiers), ride at anchor (of ships)
consisto, consistere, conctiti, 3, intr.
in vain, to no purpose
frustra (adv.)
race, tribe, kind
genuis, generis (n)
equipped, fitted out
ornatus, a, um
opposite, unfavorable, unsuccesful
adverus, a, um + dat.
vel (conj.)
one, each
singuli, ae, a
it is agreed, it is certain, it is evident, it is known
constat, constare, constitit, 1, intr.
fight, battle
pugna, -ae