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Rebellion in the North, Act 1, lines 1-34

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sudden, unexpected
repentinus, a, um
low, weak, humble
humilis, e
the Eburones
Ebruones, Ebruonorum
of his (their) own accord
sua sponte
audeo, audēre, ausus sum, 2, intr.
hardly, barely, with difficulty
vix (adv.)
arise, ensue
existo, existere, existiti, 3, intr.
dispute, quarrel, controversy
controversia, -ae
rashly, blindly, without good reason
temere (adv.)
without the order (of)
injussu + gen.
show, teach, inform
doceo, docēre, docui, doctus, 2, tr.
testimony, evidence, witness
testimonium, -i
res ( rei) frumentaria (ae)
finally, at last
postremo (adv.)
light, light-minded
levis, e
ugly, shameful, disgraceful
turpis, e
adviser, promoter, instigator
auctor, auctoris
too late, late
sero (adv.)
cry out repeatedly, exclaim
clamito, 1, tr.
someone, something, anyone, anything
aliquis, aliquid
disaster, misfortune
calamitas, calamitatis
consult, take counsel
consulo, consulere, consului, consultus, 3, tr.
occasion, opportunity
occasio, occasionis
aliter (adv.)
the Carnutes
Carnutes, Carnutum
am present, am near
adsum, adesse, adfui, adfuturus, irreg. intr.
contempt, disdain
contemptio, contemptionis
look at, regard
specto, 1, tr.
am under, am near, am close at hand
subsum, subesse, subfui, irreg. intr.
burn, blaze, am inflamed
ardeo, ardēre, arsi, arsum, 2, intr.
indignity, affront, injury
contumelia, -ae
bring under, reduce
redigo, redigere, redegi, redactus, 3, tr.
warfare, military matters, science of warfare
res (rei) militaris (is)
put out, quench, destroy
extinguo, extinguere, exstinxi, extinctus, 3, tr.
of such a kind
kind, manner
modus, -i
climb down, descend, resort to
descendo, descendere, descendi, descensum, 3, intr.
hard, rough, severe
durus, a, um
think together, agreee
consentio, consentire, consensi, consensum, 4, intr.
indeed, at least, truly
quidem (adv.)
differ, disagreee
dissentio, dissentire, dissensi, dissensum, 4, intr.
exit, outcome, result
exitus, us
praesens (gen. praesentis)
distant, remote, long
longinquus, a, um
obsidio, obsidionis