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Rebellion in the North, Act 1, lines 56-84

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after, when, as soon as
posteaquam (conj.)
nocturnal, nightly
nocturnus, a, um
noise, uproar, din
fremitus, -us
ambush, treachery, plot
insidiae, insidiarum
in two parts, in two ways
bipertito (adv.)
hidden, concealed, secret
occultus, a, um
enclosed valley, defile
convallis, convallis
send down, let down
demitto, demittere, demisi, demissus, 3, tr.
come down, descend
me demitto
valles, vallis
climbing up, ascent
ascensus, -us
uneven, unjust, unfavorable
iniquus, a, um
prey, plunder
praeda, -ae
keep back, reserve
reservo, 1, tr.
whoever, whatever
quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumque
hence, accordingly
proinde (adv.)
although, though
tametsi (conj.)
abandon, desert
desero, deserere, deserui, desertus, 3, tr.
as often as
run forward, rush forward, charge
procurro, procurrere, procurri, procursum, 3, ntr.
fall, fall in battle, die
cado, cadere, cecidi, casurus, 3, intr.
afar off, from a distance
procul (adv.)
and not
neu (conj.)
proprius (adv.)
order, direction, command
praeceptum, -i
observe, obey
observo, 1, tr.
some, any
quispiam, quaepiam, quodpiam
ring, circle
orbis, orbis (m)
go out, withdraw
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessum, 3, intr.
swiftly, quickly
velociter (adv.)
flee back, retreat
refugio, refugere, refugi, refugitum, 3, intr.
strip, expose
nudo, 1, tr.
it is necessary
necesse est, esse, fuit
sto, stare, steti, statum, 1, intr.
but if, if however
sin (conj.)
avoid, shun, escape
vito, 1, tr.
disadvantage, disaster, injury
incommodum, -i
strike together
conflicto, 1, tr.
am distressed
conflictor, conflictari, conflictatus sum, 1, intr.
octavus, a, um
unworthy (of), disgraceful
indignus, a, um