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Rebellion in the North, Act 1, lines 85-121

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interpretus, interpretis (m)
parco, parcere, peperci, parciturus, 3, intr.
hope, hope for
spero, 1, tr.
obtain (by asking)
impetro, 1, tr.
place between, interpose, cause
interpono, interponere, interposui, interpositus, 3, tr.
saucius, a, um
communicate, impart
communico, 1, tr.
am seen, seem, seem best
videor, videri, visus sum, 2, intr.
arm, equip
armo, 1, tr.
persist, persevere
persevero, 1, intr.
throw away, throw down, hurl
abjicio, abjicere, abjeci, abjectus, 3, tr.
deliberately, on purpose
consulto (adv.)
set up, train, procure, build; +inf.; begin, determine
instituo, insituere, institui, institutus, 3, tr.
paulatim (adv.)
shout, cry, cry out
conclamo, 1, intr.
yell, shriek
ululatus, -us
aquilifer, aquiliferi
intra + acc.
with difficulty, scarcely
aegre (adv.)
siege, assault
oppugnatio, oppugnationis
to a man, without exception
ad unum
despair, despair of
despero, 1, tr.
slip away, escape
elabor, elabi, elapsus sum, 3, intr.
uncertain, indefinite, vague
incertus, a, um