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Rebellion in the North, Act 2, lines 1-23

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admit, declare, offer
profiteor, profiteri, professus sum, 2, tr.
helper, assistant
adjutor, adjutoris
at once, immediately
confestim (adv.)
unexpectedly, suddenly
de improviso
fly to, rush on, rush at
advolo, 1, intr.
rumor, fame
fama, -ae
carry through, convey, deliver, report, endure
perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatus, irreg., tr.
nonnulli, ae, a
procuring of wood
lignatio, lignationis
intercept, cut off
intercipio, intercipere, intercepi, interceptus, 3, tr.
client, dependent
cliens, clientis
begin, undertake
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptus, 3, tr.
run togeher, rush, gather
concurro, concurrere, concurri, concursum, 3, intr.
climb, mount, embark
conscendo, conscendere, conscendi, conscensus, 3, tr.
hold up, sustain, hold out, endure
sustento, 1, tr.
attain to, gain
adipiscor, adipisci, adeptus sum, 3, tr.
victor, victoris
put forward, offer, explain
propono, proponere, proposui, propositus, 3, tr.
obstruct, besiege
obsideo, obsidēre, obsedi, obsessus, 2, tr.
by night
noctu (adv.)
material, wood
materia, -ae
carry together, collect
comporto, 1, tr.
turris, turris (acc. turrim)
very, very much
admodum (adv.)
one hundred
arouse, erect
excito, 1, tr.
unbelievable, extraordinary
incredibilis, e
work, fortifications
opus, operis (n.)
finish, build, achieve
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus, 3, tr.
on the day before
pridie (adv.)
in turn, successively
deinceps (adv.)
ill, sick
aeger, aegra, aegrum
vulnero, 1, tr.
power, opportunity, resources
faculta, facultatis
rest, repose
quies, quietis