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Rebellion in the North, Act 2, lines 24-59

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approach, access
aditus, us
power, control, opportunity
potestas, potestatis
remind of, state, mention
commemoro, 1, tr.
place on, add
addo, addere, addidi, additus, 3, tr.
show, exhibit
ostento, 1, tr.
wander, err, am mistaken
erro, 1, tr.
distrust, lack confidence
diffido, diffidere, diffisus sum, 3, intr. + dat.
soul, spirit, mind, character, courage
animus, -i
if not, except, unless
nisi (conj.)
refuse, reject, object to
recuso, 1, tr.
grow old, become established
inveterasco, inveterascere, inveteravi, inveteratum, 3, intr.
habit, custom
consuetudo, consuetudinis
do not wish, am unwilling
nolo, nolle, nolui, irreg., tr.
only, at least, just now
modo (adv.)
justice, fair dealing
justitia, -ae
praesentia, -ae
flamma, -ae
scorch, burn
torreo, torrēre, torrui, tostum, 2, tr.
burn, am on fire
conflagro, 1, tr.
not only...but also
non modo...set (etiam)
go away from, depart, leave
decedo, decedere, decessi, decessum, 3, intr.
not even
look back, regard, consider
respicio, respicere, respexi, respectus, 3, tr.
outcome, issue, result
eventus, -us
press closely, crowd
constipo, 1, tr.
going back, retreat
recessus, -us
farthest, most remote
ultimus, a, um
rough, violent
asper, aspera, asperum
small number, fewness
paucitas, paucitatis
defensor, defensoris
thick, numerous, frequent
creber, crebra, crebrum
seize, capture, catch
deprehendo, deprehendere, deprehendi, deprehensus, 3, tr.
cruciatus, -us
put to death, kill, murder
neco, 1, tr.
intus (adv.)
natus, a, um
honorable, worthy, distinguished
honestus, a, um
flee, take refuge, desert
perfugio, perfugere, perfugi, perfugitum, 3 intr.
show, supply, excel
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitus, 1, tr;
it is better, it is more advisable
praestat, praestare, praestitit (impersonal verb)
javelin, dart
jaculum, -i
attach, bind together
illigo, 1, tr.
bring out, take away, raise, make known, elate
effero, efferre, extuli, elatus, irreg., tr.
suspicion, distrust, indication
suspicio, suspicionis
move about, am, remain, engage in
versor, 1, intr.