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Rebellion in the North, Act 3, lines 54-85

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at once, at the same time
simul (adv.)
block up, obstruct
obstruo, obstruere, obstruxi, obstructus, 3, tr.
run about
concurso, 1, tr.
simulatio, simulationis
invite, summon, allure
invito, 1, tr.
praeco, praeconis
send around
circummitto, circummittere, circummisi, circummissus, 3, tr.
a breaking out, sortie, sally
eruptio, eruptionis
send forth
emitto, emittere, emisi, emitens, 3, tr.
strip off, divest, despoil
exuo, exuere, exui, exitus, 3, tr.
marsh, swamp
palus, paludis
go between, lie between, intervene
intercedo, intercedere, intercessi, intercessum, 3, intr.
tortoise, shed, testudo
testudo, testudinis
wonder at, am suprised at, admire
admiror, 1, tr.
judge, decide, think
judico, 1, tr.
desert, merit, service, favor
meritum, -i
praise highly
collaudo, 1, tr.
one by one, singly, individually
singillatim (adv.)
excellent, superior, remarkable
egregius, a, um
assembly, mass meeting, adress
contio, contionis
cheer, comfort
consolor, 1, tr.
harm, injury, loss, disaster
detrimentum, -i
blame, guilt, fault
culpa, -ae
rashness, indiscretion
temeritas, temeritatis
benefit, favor, kindness
beneficium, -i
immortalis, e
atone for, expiate, avenge
expio, 1, tr.
long, of long duration
diutinus, a, um