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All Gaul in Arms, Part 1, lines 1-49

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wooded, in a forest
silvestris, e
move back, move away, remove, withdraw
removeo, removēre, removi, remotus, 2, tr.
remotus, a, um
complain, bewail, lament
queror, queri, questus sum, 3, tr. and intr.
fall back, fall upon
recido, recidere, recidi, recasurus, 3, intr.
caput, capitis
recupero, 1 tr.
among the first, especially
in primis
absens (absentis)
it is better, it is advisable
praestat, praestare, praestitit, 1, intr.
jusjurandum, jusjurandi
make sacred, sanction
sancio, sancire, sanxi, sanctus, 4, tr.
militaris, e
carry on business, trade
negotior, 1, intr.
power, authority, influence
potentia, -ae
cease, give up
desisto, desistere, destiti, destiturus, 3, intr.
levy, choice
dilectus, -us
needy, destitute
egens (egentis)
desperate, ruined
perditus, a, um
consent, agreement
consensus, -us
punishment, death
supplicium, -i
daring, boldness, effrontery
audacia, -ae