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All Gaul in Arms, Part 1, lines 50-118

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win over, secure, conciliate
concilo, 1, tr.
versus + acc.
a filling up, reinforcements
supplementum, -i
nix, nivis
clear away
discutio, discutere, discussi, discussus, 3, tr.
make open, open
patefacio, patefacere, patefeci, patefactus, 3, tr.
roam about, rove, wander
vagor, 1, intr.
alarm, panic, terror
terror, terroris,
hem in, surround
circumsisto, circumsistere, circumsteti, 3, tr.
implore, entreat, beseech
obsecro, 1, tr.
tear asunder, plunder, pillage
diripo, diripere, diripui, direptus, 3, tr.
endure, allow
patior, pati, passus sum, 3, tr.
carry over, bring over, transfer
transfero, transferre, transtuli, translatus, irreg., tr.
prayer, entreaty
prex, precis
to take pains
operam dare
recent, fresh, new
recens (recentis)
during the day, by day
diurnus, a, um
priusquam (conj.)
fail, desert, fall away, revolt
deficio, deficere, defeci, defectus, 3, tr.
early, too early
maturius (comp. adv.)
lead out
educo, educere, eduxi, eductus, 3, tr.
toil, work hard, am in difficulty
laboro, 1, tr.
estrange, alienate
alieno, 1, tr.
convey, supply, furnish
supporto, 1, tr.
supplies, provisions
commeatus, -us
surround with a rampart, invest
circumvallo, 1, tr.
yoke, beast of burden
jumentum, -i
six hundred
after, following, next
posterus, a, um
lie outside, keep guard
excubo, excubare, excubui, excubitum, 1, intr.